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Urban Alliances

Wagga Regional Art Gallery, 2015

In collaboration with Michael Agzarian.

Urban participation provides the words; and experiences form the imagery to create Urban Alliances in each piece.

Each work is reverse-printed onto highly-polished perspex.

Collaboration depends on both openness and sharing of knowledge combined with a level of focus and accountability on the part of the individuals involved. Through their knowledge and experience of graphic design and the free exchange of ideas, Michael Agzarian and Missy Dempsey began cooperating on a set of art works reflecting on aspects of the urban environment. The imagery was inspired by urban environments and local experiences that envelop the daily lives of the residents. For this exhibition, each work has been intensified with a sentence from a news item, book, song or a memory.

2015 Wagga Regional Gallery: Text
2015 Wagga Regional Gallery: Portfolio
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