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Women Past, Future Present


107 Projects, Sydney 2018

A glimpse into the lives of 6 wonderful women
from the Redfern community –
Jinny Jane Smith: Aboriginal Liaison Officer
Syrenne Anu: Digital Photographer at Ngakkan Nyaagu
Kat Dopper: Founder of Heaps Gay
Sarah Clifford: Teacher and education enthusiast
Dr Marie Healy: Redfern Station Medical GP
Abigail David: Indigenous Digital Excellence Programs Facilitator

This exhibition consisted of 6 digitally drawn portraits and an interview with the subject to support each. In the interviews, we discuss the women’s lives and the role that technology plays in it. Many of the inventions people rely on today were created in a very short span of time - tens of years as opposed to hundreds. I’ve highlighted this in the portraits by exaggerating the amount of time that has elapsed between the past and now; the subjects are dressed in clothing from years gone by, but interacting with modern elements.

2018 107 Projects: Text
2018 107 Projects: Portfolio
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