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The Checkout

The Checkout is an Australian consumer affairs television series which first aired in 2013. For the 6th season of the show it was time for a complete rebrand of the show’s graphics. This is when the “ambiguous rounded rectangle” was born, or as we affectionately call it - the TARR. The TARR represents many items consumers interact with on a daily basis. It can morph from credit a card to a phone, fridge or a bus, from an oven to a speaker or petrol bowser.

The TARR lives on an angle over “The Checkout” logotype. It’s also used as a “revealing” device during the show - uncovering dodgy hidden ingredients and marketing hooey.

ABC TV The Checkout: Text
ABC TV The Checkout: Portfolio


Rebranding the entire show, from the logo to the show opener and segments • art direction • social media posts • social media branding • show segment graphics

ABC TV The Checkout: Text
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