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About Missy

Missy Dempsey is a multi-disciplinary creative based in sunny Sydney. With a focus on spreading joy and optimism, Missy’s cheerful work spans across graphic design, illustration and animation.

She specialises in graphic design for social impact, creating approachable and informative campaigns and branding. Her clients include ACON, NSW Health, UNSW, NAVA, LGBTIQ+ Health and Greenpeace. She also teaches graphic design two nights a week at Shillington College where she enjoys mentoring and encouraging the next generation of designers.

In her spare time she dreams up fantastical 3D printed sculptures for a side-hustle called Wow Mountain she founded with her partner, Josh.

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"Having worked with Missy on several TV shows, I can say that she is a fantastic designer. She has a great sense of style and is able to take your half thought through concepts and turn them into fabulous visuals and layouts that are much better than you had the right to hope for. She is a good communicator, and by that I mean that she understands when you try to explain things to her, and she is in turn good at explaining things to you too. "

James Edwards, Giant Dwarf Productions

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When the job calls for it, Missy collaborates with a wider team of creatives to deliver agency standard campaigns.

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Gabriel Virata

Motion Graphics

Gabe is a hard-working, mocha-drinking, spreadsheet-loving powerhouse. 

Over the last 10 years he’s worked with television networks, global tech start ups, media and production houses, fashion labels and art galleries to deliver awesome creative content across a whole range of media.

His passion for motion graphics is driven by his desire to make brands pop. He has particularly enjoyed working on LGTBIQ focused projects collaborating with Queer Screen, The Feed and SBS Viceland.

When he’s not restarting After Effects he can be found travelling the world, watching rom coms, fine-dining and dreaming big.

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Pip Barnes

Senior Designer

Pip is a natural born communicator, cat lover and Christmas enthusiast. 

Variety is the spice of life, they say. Pip’s passion for the creative field is all encompassing and hard niche; architecture, photography, art history, design, interior design, hand lettering… you name it, she’s done it.

When Pip isn’t solving creative problems, you can find her feeding her coffee addiction and tending to her plant babies.

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