Missy Dempsey

All designers are born from an inherent need for order. Where we diverge is our personal interests, stories and experiences that combine.

I’m eternally curious, the kid who asked “but why”. The country kid who moved to the city. I’m not afraid to take on big challenges.

I’m motivated by problem solving. I’m motivated by equality, a fair go. That everyone deserves to be heard, that we all deserve to feel like we belong somewhere. I work with clients who have a genuine desire to connect. Whether that’s through art, education or culture. These are topics that are important to me so this is what I do best.

Missy Dempsey





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I love taking on larger projects by harnessing my network of freelancers. This strategic collaboration allows me to seamlessly manage significant projects, ensuring each aspect is handled by absolute legends.

Gabriel Virata

Motion Graphics
Gabriel Virata

Gabs is a hard-working, mocha-drinking, spreadsheet-loving powerhouse. Over the last 15 years he’s worked with television networks, global tech start ups, media and production houses, fashion labels and art galleries to deliver awesome creative content across a whole range of media.

He has particularly enjoyed working on LGTBIQ focused projects collaborating with Queer Screen, World Pride, The Feed and SBS Viceland. When he’s not restarting After Effects he can be found travelling the world, watching rom coms, fine-dining and dreaming big.

Alyssa Ventura

Graphic Designer
Alyssa Ventura

Alyssa Ventura is a curious and creative shapeshifter. The blend of experience in Graphic and Interior Design has aspired her to be a big thinker, approaching work with a level of intelligence and compassion. She enjoys immersing herself in a process of research, translating design and artistic ephemera in the graphic and built space.

She is ready at the prospect of stretching her passions and collaborating with innovative thinkers designing meaningful ideas for all people. As Alyssa previously sees the world through millimetres, she is excited to add pixels to her repertoire– the imperial system is for next year’s resolutions.